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Supply Chain Optimization

Performance Plus Consultants are the industry leaders in total supply chain optimization. We define total supply chain optimization as .....

Supply Chain Optimization model

A supply chain is optimized when it is meeting or exceeding its customer service objectives and it is operating at minimal total supply chain costs and minimal carbon footprint.

Minimal Total Supply Chain Cost:

Supply Chain Concept from the field to the consumerOur view of a supply chain starts with raw materials, usually extracted from the earth, and ends with the ultimate consumption of a finished product by the end consumer (people like you and I). Utilizing this view of a supply chain, costs can be divided into the following major components:

  • Manufacturing (to build the product)
  • Packaging (to hold the product)
  • Transportation (to move the product)
  • Inventory Carrying Costs (to store the product)

Minimal Carbon Footprint:

Organization's can no longer ignore their impact on the environment. Fortunately, it is possible to simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and total supply chain costs!

More information on these exciting opportunities can be found at optimizing the supply chain carbon footprint.

Optimization Approach:

If you share our vision of supply chain optimization Performance Plus Consultants offers an vast array of services designed to assist you. These include process optimization audits, benchmarking studies, industry research, and implementation support.

Process Optimization Audits:

Business processes are used to manage the supply chain. If your supply chain is producing sub-optimized results, then one or more of your supply chain processes are sub-optimal in design and/or performance.

We specialize in the optimization of 4 key supply chain business processes:

Process Results In
Replenishment Systems (mrp, master scheduling, Distribution Requirements Planning DRP) Optimized inventory
Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Total Company Integration & Execution
Cycle Counting Inventory Accuracy
Demand Forecasting Value-adding forecasting, understanding the marketplace

Benchmarking Studies:

Performance Plus Consultants maintains an extensive performance benchmark database for a large number of industries including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food & Beverage, Automotive, and Apparel. If we don't have the data you need we can conduct a custom benchmarking study to meet your continuous improvement needs.

Performance Benchmarking 

Implementation Support:

Working with your project leader, we utilize effective change management and project management techniques to ensure the success of the project.

Implementation Support 

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Latest Industry Benchmarking Report

Canadian Alcohol Distribution Supply Chain Performance Report

Canadian Alcohol Distribution Supply Chain Performance


A financial benchmarking study comparing supply chain performance for the distribution of wines and spirits throughout Canada




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Supply Chain Optimization Services

These 4 supply chain business processes are the keys to success ... 

Forecasting Optimization

Sales & Operations Planning Process Optimization

Cycle Counting Optimization

Replenishment System Optimization

Continuous Improvement Process

Our consulting services are designed to support each of the 5 steps of a sound continuous improvement process

Continuous Improvement 

Evaluate Performance  Benchmarking
Plan Improvements  S&OP Process Audits

Replenishment System Audit

Forecasting Process Audit

Cycle Counting Process Audit

Implement Solutions Supply Chain Skills Training

Implementation Support
Verify that Improvement Worked Benchmarking
Solidify the Gains Implementation Support